About Hardware Debugger Tool

Hello and thank you for checking out the Hardware Debugger Tool for Notepad++.

My name is Roy Messinger I am a Hardware-Software engineer, working on board designs & FPGA's (VHDL), C# and Python.

I've synthesized and compiled with various tools; Modelsim (by Mentor), Quartus (by Intel) and Vivado or ISE/PlanAhead, in its earlier version (by Xilinx). Each and every tool has its own pro's and con's. Each and every tool has its own editor, with its own pro's and con's.

None of them can be compared to Notepad++, with its simplicity but powerful user interface, not to mention the various plugins which enriches the user experience.

Nevertheless, I couldn't help but notice that something was missing.

Indeed, Hardware designers could not compile, nor synthesize their code. I was so frustrated by this cumbersome behavior.

I needed to write the code in Notepad++, then go back to my native PLD software, compile/synthesize, check my errors, go back to Notepad++ to fix them, etc.

And then - it hit me!

What if I could do all that within Notepad++? 

What if I had some magical plugin, that with just a click of a button (F7, in my case) could compile or synthesize the code?

That is how I started writing the Hardware Debugger Tool for Notepad++, for VHDL Hardware Engineers.

And, as they say, appetite comes with eating, and I've added some more cool features. All you need to do is download the DLL, and start writing some code!

Any bugs or ideas are more than welcome.


Roy Messinger