HWD Extra Features

Hover-Over Tool Tips

HWD tool is more than a regular synthesis tool.

When you hover over a Signal or Port in your VHDL code, a pop-up tooltip is shown, with the Signal info as shown in the declaration area (will be implemented later for Verilog).


You can disable/enable it thru the settings:

Add Objects Interface

Using HWD tool you can add Signals and Constants through a dedicated user interface, without the hassle of going back to the start of your code.

Just click Alt+F1, and see the 'Add Object' box (You can also open the 'Add Object' box through Notepad++ menu -> Plugins -> Hardware Debugger -> Add Objects)



From now on, you can finish writing your code, and then, using the 'Add Object' box, write all the signals and constants in the user interface, hit 'Apply' and Vuala, All the signals will be inserted to your code in the declaration area.