HWD Install Guide

So, how do I install the plugin?

Just download the HWDebugger dll file from here, and save it in the plugin folder of Notepad++ (usually under: c:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\).

Then open the software and Vuala! (under the Notepad++ menu navigate to Plugin -> Hardware Debugger to see all options)

In case you don't have Notepad++ installed, you can get it here.

"Show me the money!"

Oh, ok, before using the HWD we need to define some things first.

Click Shift+F7 or in Notepad++ menu or go to: Plugins → Hardware Debugger → settings to open the preferences box.

In the preferences box you can see all the great features HWD has to offer. Few check boxes are shown; the first three let you choose with which software do you wish to synthesize/compile. The last enables you to use the debut HWD Hover-Over tool tip, explained here.

You can scroll down to read all about that.


Configure HWD to work with Altera and its main tool, Quartus.

Configure HWD to work with Mentor and its main tool, ModelSim.

Configure HWD to work with Xilinx and its main tool, Vivado.

See other cool features of HWD.