What is HW Debugger?

HWD (Hardware Debugger) is a simple and powerful tool for Notepad++ Hardware developers. It is 100% freeware which offers a quality addition to PLD (programmable logic device) design softwares.

For the first time, Hardware designers can debug the VHDL or VERILOG code within Notepad++!

Until today developers who wrote their code in Notepad++ had to switch back to their ‘home’ device design software for code debugging, fix the errors, then switch back to Notepad++, and so on...

What if one could write the code in Notepad++ AND debug the errors within Notepad++ without the hassle of going back and forth to the development softwares?  

That is what HWD is all about.

Furthemore, using this tool, Hardware designers can add Signals & Constants (VHDL) or Wires & Params (Verilog) to the code without scrolling all the way back to the top using a sophisticated BUT friendly user interface.

Users can also hover over a Signal or Port inside the code, and see its properties (in VHDL, later will be implemented in Verilog).

What it is not?

HWD does not compile the code. It synthesizes the code, checks for errors and (in the near future) a thorough debugger tool.

Though compilation can be implemented, there are so many factors the developer should take into consideration when compiling (e.g., timing issues, optimization, placement, etc.), so it is best conducting it through the development tool. That is why it is not implemented in the HWD.

But, hold your panties on!

Using the HWD, the Hardware designer can choose between Altera (Quartus), Xilinx (Vivado) or Modelsim. It searches your operating system for these pre-installed softwares and all you need to do is choose the tool you want to work with.